Board of Directors & Advisory Board

Board of directors in an honorary capacity:

Dr. med. Johannes Zwick

Chairman Johannesbad Holding SE & Co. KG.
(Association chairman)

„POWER-CHILD has been at the forefront of the fight against sexual violence against children and adolescents for years. I consider it an honour, but also a great responsibility, to work with all my might as a board member together with the association. Our goal is to protect the children in the future before something happens. My guiding principle is “When children are small, give them roots. When the children grow up, this is what gives them wings.“




Our voluntary advisory board:

Christian Bredl

Head of the TK state agency in Bavaria

“The physical and mental integrity of our children is a basic prerequisite for the healthy development of our society and therefore one of my greatest concerns. I support the POWER-CHILD association because it has been successfully fighting for this for years.”




Mirjana Jaman 

Economics and Business Administration
consul a.d.

“We all react with dismay when we become aware of cases of children who have to endure violence, neglect, rape or humiliation. We are often not brave enough to act when our instinct says a child needs help. Creating awareness and sensitivity of appropriate public relations is important to me personally, so that children can be protected and helped quickly; as a mother and long-standing hospital manager, I am committed to this.”


Christian R. Kast


“I am pleased to support POWER-CHILD e.V. to the best of my ability in their long-standing commitment to the children’s right “protection from violence, abuse and exploitation.”



Franz Josef Leipfinger

(Legal advicer)

“My goal is that we accompany the children on their way to an unharmed future and thus enable them to grow up in safety.
I will do my utmost to achieve this together with POWER-CHILD.”



Dr. med. Despina Rüssmann

Child doctor

“As a mother and paediatrician, it is a special concern of mine to give children the courage and the strength to say no. Prevention instead of rehabilitation, that’s why I like to get involved with POWER-CHILD e.V.”



Prof. Wolfram Winter

Chairman Pictures in a Frame, Professor for TV-Management
(Media and Communication)

“I am involved with POWER-CHILD e.V. because child abuse is terrible and because it is an issue that our society has to actively deal with.“Ambassadors: As ambassadors we stand by our side.”