Prominent ambassadors:


Ben Blaskovic
Actor and musician

„Saying no is very important in life. Everyone should have the right to say `NO ́. Unfortunately, many people in Germany violently violate this right day after day. Sexual violence is also an omnipresent topic in our country. Our children need us who can precede them with a broad chest and protect them. For this reason I support the work of POWER-CHILD e.V.“



Sandra Eder
Freelance painter/artist

„It is the duty of each and every one of us to strengthen the youngest among us, to teach them to promise “no” with self-confidence, to create a front against violence and sexual abuse and to prevent cases of abuse with prevention. I think the commitment of POWER-CHILD e.V. is great. I would like to support POWER-CHILD.”




Daniela Fuß
Sports presenter and journalist

„It is a matter close to my heart to give children the space to develop into strong personalities. But they can only do that if they trust themselves and their environment. POWER-CHILD e.V. ensures that this trust can flourish. I am very happy and proud to be able to support them.”





Erwin Huber
Former Minister of State, MdL

“The commitment of POWER-CHILD e.V. is admirable. Sexual violence against children and adolescents is still a taboo subject that no one talks about and yet affects everyone. I would like to contribute to protecting children and will support the association in the future to the best of my ability.”





Prof. Dr. med. Helmut Friess
Director of the Clinic and Polyclinic for Surgery of the clinic rechts der Isar

“Children are our future. They should grow up protected so that they can shape their future responsibly. It is our duty to ensure that children and young people can grow up free and self-determined without violence or abuse. That’s what I’m committed to.”




Karolin Kandler
Moderator at tagesschau24

„I am proud to be part of the POWER-CHILD e.V. team as an ambassador. To help children discover their right to self-determination and to develop a healthy self-confidence is a matter close to my heart. I simply call on parents, teachers, and all adults to encourage children to do so.”



Prof. Dr. med. Marion Kiechle
Medical advice, Director at the Frauenklinik rechts der Isar of the Technical University Munich

„My work repeatedly reminds me of the terrible consequences of sexual violence for the victims. It is a real concern of mine to prevent such attacks through prevention and to support POWER-CHILD e.V. in this important work”.





Dr. Sabine Loritz

“The protection of our children is a task for society as a whole. Important elements here are education, above all sensitisation to questionable situations and behaviours, but also the strengthening of children’s self-confidence and the demand for civil courage among adults. I am happy to support POWER-CHILD e.V. in this.”



Tanja Mairhofer-Obele
Author, presenter and actress

“The work of POWER-CHILD e.V. is so incredibly important and I am grateful if I can make a contribution to it. Because as the crime statistics show, sexual violence against children is increasing year after year. Unfortunately, despite these frightening numbers, this topic is still taboo. These are circumstances that hurt, but from which we must not turn away. We as a society must learn to address this problem and protect our children from it, because they are the future of us all.”



Johannes Singhammer
Vice President of the German Parliament (ret.)

“It is our task to provide children with sufficient security and protection for their development. Every child has the same right to a good start in a successful life. I support POWER-CHILD e.V. because I think it is great that the association has made prevention its goal. This can help so that something does not happen first. With the help of the association it is achieved that the right to self-determination is already imparted to the children. Strong children have the best possibilities to recognize dangers and to defend themselves against dangers”.




Dr. Mirja Voll

“The undamaged growth of children and young people and their ability to defend themselves against attacks is important. That is why I support the work of POWER-CHILD e.V. But if this support is not only intended to calm our consciences, we must not ignore the greatest dangers to this integrity, namely poverty and war! We must all stand up for a society, an economic order, and ultimately a policy that creates justice and peace and thus guarantees the most important basis for the greatest possible protection of our children and adolescents”.