Strong and confident children growing up in safety, adolescents, setting their own boundaries and going their own path – that is the vision of Power-Child e.V.

When children become victims of sexual assaults it causes wounds that hardly heal. The number of unreported cases of sexual assaults against children in Germany is up to 250,000 every year (estimate based on the crime statistics of the Federal Criminal Police Office). To defend themselves against such attacks is difficult for children – but strong and confident children have the best opportunities to cope.

To strengthen the weakest before anything happens – that is the task of Power-Child e.V. Our children and adolescents live in a world in which sexual violence is widespread. Many children find it hard to talk about their own fears, especially when the threat often comes from the nearby social environment – the very place where they are supposed to find help. Power-Child elucidates the issue with a variety of prevention projects on the topic of “sexual violence” and sensitizes children and young people for finding their own boundaries and also encourages them building them up. For victims the association offers counseling and therapy.

Without the support of individuals and companies, our work would not be possible. We are grateful for any donation that enables us to implement our projects. The help of every individual is required to make the world safer for children and we thank all our sponsors most sincerely for their commitment.

Children have the right to be protected from exploitation and violence.

We thank you very much that you wish to support us and our children.