POWER-CHILD e.V. – A Prevention Network to Combat Sexual Violence Against Children and Adolescents

Strengthening the weakest before anything can happen – that is the mission of POWER-CHILD e.V. (e.V. = registered association). Our children and adolescents live in a world where sexual violence is omnipresent. Many find it hard to talk about their fears especially because the threat generally comes from their immediate social environment – the very place where they should be finding help.When they finally muster the courage to communicate, it is often too late. Sexual violence inflicts wounds that are very hard to heal.

POWER-CHILD e.V. was founded in April 2002. Over the past years, POWER-CHILD e.V. has built up a sound and effective nationwide prevention network for the protection of children and adolescents from sexual violence. Thanks to the ongoing further development and expansion of the measures for strengthening children and adolescents, POWER-CHILD e.V. has expandedis radius of activities with lasting success